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What women travelers should wear in Dubai

What women travelers should wear in Dubai

What women travelers should wear in Dubai

We have contracts for laundry cleaning in several Dubai hotels, and thus have an idea of what women tourists should wear here. Basically, it’s a way to suit both our hot climate and local traditions.

Respectful clothing includes clothing that covers shoulders and knees. Avoid wearing transparent (see through) or tight clothing, or clothing that has a plunging neckline.

If you’re at a beach or pool, you can wear a bathing suit or t-shirt and shorts, but cover yourself more when going to or from the area.

Carrying a cardigan or a shawl can be a good idea when you’re heading for an air conditioned place, because they can be cool and you might want to stay warm while inside.

If you’re planning to visit any mosques or other traditional places while here, bring a head scarf along with you. Women need to cover their heads to show a proper level of respect in such places.

You don’t want to attract unwelcome attention by dressing in a way that Dubai residents would consider risqué. Both locals and expats tend to tell someone who is dressed inappropriately. If this happens to you, remain calm and polite and apologize, adding that you will change your outfit to show more respect. Never get angry at someone as that might lead to intense unpleasantness.

Follow the local clothing traditions, and you will enjoy your time here in Dubai. And when you want your clothes cleaned, leave them in your hotel hamper for us to pick up, clean, and deliver back to you.

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