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An Email from A Customer

An Email from A Customer

“Hello from the deck of a cruise ship off the coast of Greece. I’m having the time of my life! My biggest decision is if I should go have something to eat or attend the kitchen demonstration show. What does this have to do with laundry?

When I was getting ready for my voyage I brought my shipboard clothes to Monarch Laundry. And was impressed. Your pre-visit tip to separate out my cruise clothes and make sure they get washed before my trip left me with freshly clean clothes on my trip. Plus your customer service was enjoyable.

And then there are your online tips. My old pen leaked onto my dinner blouse, and I would have been devastated except for your tip to apply some rubbing alcohol. I had brought some rubbing alcohol on board with me for my skin, so it was handy. It worked like a charm on the ink, and saved my blouse so I could still wear it to dinner.

Well, I’ve decided to attend the kitchen demonstration show. I hope they give out the recipes. I’ll thoroughly enjoy myself here, and then when I’m home again bring my cruise clothes again to Monarch Laundry.

Happy Voyages!”

– Rahmah ‘Izzah Bitar

Messages like these from our customers / clients is what keeps us going! Thank you Rahmah!

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