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Best Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat

Best Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat

Best Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat

If we could spend 100% of our time in our air conditioned homes, buildings and cars, we’d be fine. But that’s not always the situation and it sometimes is important to know a few ways to keep cool in the heat.

Drink enough water – you might want to carry a water bottle with you. And avoid foods that dehydrate your body (such as alcohol and caffeine), or that increase body heat (such as protein). Try to eat light, well-balanced meals several times during the day, because a large meal eaten in the heat can make you feel uncomfortable.

Also, taking a salt pill or adding a half teaspoon of salt to your diet can help prevent heat related light headedness because it temporarily increases your blood pressure enough to make you feel better. It also balances your salt level by replacing the salt lost in sweating.

When choosing something to wear, think light colored and light fabric materials, and covering yourself from the direct sunlight. Layers sometimes work best – you might want to carry a cardigan or other cover piece in case you encounter air conditioning that is a little too cool.

To prepare for going outside, you can place your under clothes in the freezer for a few minutes before putting them on. You can even take a few ice cubes with you, in a small bowl of ice that you can breath close to or hold against yourself while waiting for your car’s air conditioner to cool down your vehicle.

If you’re ever outside a start sweating A LOT, and feeling light headed, weaker than usual or nauseated, immediately get inside into air conditioning. If the symptoms continue, get help. You may be feeling the warning signs of heat exhaustion, which if left untreated can be dangerous.

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