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How We Sort Out Your Clothes

How We Sort Out Your Clothes

How We Sort Out Your Clothes

Hopefully you have never experienced your self washed laundry developing snags or discolorations because you mixed fine fabrics with buckled, heavy or color bleeding fabrics. These are things we watch out for.

Even more than separating colors, we separate different fabrics and look out for buckles and other hard decorations that might harm other clothes. Clothes get swished around in the washing machine are in close contact with each other, and a snag can occur that pulls the fabric and makes your clothes unpresentable.

Separating by color is also important, so we have categories for fabrics that range from heavy colored to light white. We also look out for fabrics that might bleed color into the laundry cycle.

We also look out for clothes that don’t have a “machine washable” tag on them. If you have any such clothes, bring them to us to delicately wash with greater care than a washing machine can give. A washing machine’s rotating motion can harm delicate fabrics such as silk, and it’s hard to make a piece of clothing look decent after it has had a run in with a washing machine.

We also check all pockets and enclosures for items that should not be washed. If you’ve ever accidentally washed a pen in a pocket and found ink has spread all over your clothes, you will understand the importance of this step.

The purpose of having us wash your clothes includes having clean clothes, and we are experts at matching the right cleaning solution with a certain fabric. We are careful when using bleach, and never assume that just because something is white it should be bleached.

These are just some of the reasons you should entrust your clothes to us to professionally clean.

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