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What Happens To Your Laundry – Part 1

What Happens To Your Laundry – Part 1

What Happens To Your Laundry – Part 1

Laundry days are probably not your favorite time, and if you’re traveling and staying at a hotel you might prefer just giving us your clothes to wash. But do you ever wonder what happens to your clothes once you put them in the hotel hamper?

When we pick up your clothes, we count your items and list each piece (shirt, blouse, pants, etc.). We look for any note you might have left for us telling us about a stain you’ve noticed. We flag these special conditions so our employees will notice them.

If you’re present when we pick up your clothes, we will ask if you know of any areas requiring special attention due to stains, tears, missing buttons, etc. Otherwise we check it ourselves once we get it to our location. We always attach a small tag to each piece of clothing, in order to identify it as yours. Items that need special attention will also receive a special colored tag. These tags will remain on your clothing throughout the entire cleaning process. An invoice showing the drop off and pick-up dates will be generated; one copy stays with the cleaner and the other is given to you.

Then we drive your clothes to our shop, where they are carefully unloaded. Highlighted items will receive our spot removal treatment. Clothes clean better if stains are removed before washing.

Our on location practices will be revealed next week. Call us if you’d like to know them sooner.

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