What Happens To Your Laundry – Part 2 | Dubai Laundry & Dry Cleaning - Monarch Laundry
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What Happens To Your Laundry – Part 2

What Happens To Your Laundry – Part 2

What Happens To Your Laundry – Part 2

Before we wash your clothes, we check all pockets for things our customer might have left in them. If we find anything we remove it and put it into a sealed container with the customer’s name and contact information on it. We then sort clothes before washing, separating soft fabrics from harder fabrics and looking for any sharp buttons or decoration. We consider how well each load’s clothes fit in with each other before putting them in our machine.

The clothes then get placed into a large basket that rotates while cleaning clothes in our washing/drying machine. Dry cleaning involves cleaning solvent rather than water. Then it gets really dried.

Before we pack up clothes to be returned to our customer, we spot check them to ensure any stains have been removed. If we find a stain that refused to be removed, we use special chemicals in an effort to remove it. This usually gets out even the toughest stains.

Then we press your clothes to smooth them out and make them look sharp. Only then are they ready to be carefully packaged and then brought back to the customer’s hotel. We follow a similar process for cleaning clothes delivered to and picked us from us, except for the transport.

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