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Laundry Tips

Things To Ensure Before And After Choosing A Laundry Service

Summers are very much tiring for daily commuters, especially when on a job. We get sweaty and our clothes start smelling very badly. They obviously need a proper washing with a quality detergent or a soft cleaning liquid. It’s quite easy to wash the dirty clothes at home in a washing machine. All you need to do is add some liquid soap along with a certain amount of water in the washing machine and you get the job done quickly. Being away from home, things get a little uneasy aren’t they? They do. Don’t worry because the laundry services are there to help you out. But, how to find out which laundry’s services are reliable? You just cannot hand over your clothes to some service offerers without knowing anything about their services. So, a little information is necessary to maintain the hygiene of your clothes.

When looking for a great […]

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Monarch Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Someone has rightly said, “stay clean, stay healthy”. Everybody wants to stay happy and why not clean then? Laundry services in Dubai make sure that you always wear neat and clean clothes whether you’re staying at home or going outside. Well, going outside – to your office, hanging out with your friends, or to a party, does require you look like a gentleman wearing an excellent outfit with adequate cleanliness. It simply feels great when people around you admire your outfit and praise your looks. You really feel to be the center of everybody’s attention.

Taking service from an efficient laundry in Dubai does make sense and is affordable now. You get a free pick-up and drop of laundry at your doorstep at no additional charges even on Fridays and public holidays. They apply the best quality of chemicals for washing and dry cleaning to maintain the fabric quality. The […]

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  • Dry Clean Your Clothes By Using Dry Cleaning Services Offered By Monarch Laundry
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    Dry Clean Your Clothes By Using Dry Cleaning Services Offered By Monarch Laundry

Dry Clean Your Clothes By Using Dry Cleaning Services Offered By Monarch Laundry

Everyone likes to wear clean and perfectly pressed clothes but no one wants to do washing and ironing. Demanding and busy city life has made people to pay for laundry services to take care of their clothes. Monarch Laundry services has been growing at a faster rate because of the unique services that they provide to their clients and customers. Dry cleaning is important to maintain and restore the quality of your expensive clothing. Some clothing is highly sensitive to pounding, heat and amount of water used in washing. Formal clothing should be dry cleaned and should not be subjected to traditional washing. This is because machine washing is mostly tough on high quality fibers.

Monarch Laundry employs unique dry cleaning machine which is the combination of a dryer and washer. The garments will be first checked for anything left such as paper and pen and then for certain things […]

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Two Methods to Remove Red Wine Stains

Two Methods to Remove Red Wine Stains

A visit to one of our city’s wine bars can be marred if red wine gets spilled on your clothes. It will help you remain calm and enjoy the rest of your time out if you have an idea about how to remove red wine from your clothes.

Your best move when you’re out and red wine soils your clothing is to very quickly pour club soda onto the stain while it is still wet. Allow the club soda to bubble up and get really well into the stain. Keep pouring the club soda onto the stain until the color disappears. Then use a cloth, serviette or paper towel to mop up the soda from your clothes.

Another way to remove the stain is to pour hot water through it. If you’re home when the stain occurs, remove the clothing item and run to the […]

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How To Remove Perspiration Stains

How To Remove Perspiration Stains

In our summer heat, our bodies perspire in an attempt to cool down. And it doesn’t take long for some sweat to be transferred to our clothes and if left there, to cause a yellow stain that makes clothes look dirty. If you’re hoping to wear your clothes to a special business event and did not bring replacements with you to wear while we launder your clothes, you might want to treat the stain yourself. Here are some ideas.

The first thing to do is to try to avoid staining your clothes in the first place. Wearing looser fitting tops that don’t cling allows room for us to sweat without getting it all over our clothes.

But stains can occur, and the first thing to do is to treat it promptly, since the stain can actually weaken many fabrics as well as look dirty.

If you’re treating cotton, […]

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