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Two Methods to Remove Red Wine Stains

Two Methods to Remove Red Wine Stains

A visit to one of our city’s wine bars can be marred if red wine gets spilled on your clothes. It will help you remain calm and enjoy the rest of your time out if you have an idea about how to remove red wine from your clothes.

Your best move when you’re out and red wine soils your clothing is to very quickly pour club soda onto the stain while it is still wet. Allow the club soda to bubble up and get really well into the stain. Keep pouring the club soda onto the stain until the color disappears. Then use a cloth, serviette or paper towel to mop up the soda from your clothes.

Another way to remove the stain is to pour hot water through it. If you’re home when the stain occurs, remove the clothing item and run to the […]

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What women travelers should wear in Dubai

What women travelers should wear in Dubai

We have contracts for laundry cleaning in several Dubai hotels, and thus have an idea of what women tourists should wear here. Basically, it’s a way to suit both our hot climate and local traditions.

Respectful clothing includes clothing that covers shoulders and knees. Avoid wearing transparent (see through) or tight clothing, or clothing that has a plunging neckline.

If you’re at a beach or pool, you can wear a bathing suit or t-shirt and shorts, but cover yourself more when going to or from the area.

Carrying a cardigan or a shawl can be a good idea when you’re heading for an air conditioned place, because they can be cool and you might want to stay warm while inside.

If you’re planning to visit any mosques or other traditional places while here, bring a head scarf along with you. Women need to cover their heads to […]

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How We Sort Out Your Clothes

How We Sort Out Your Clothes

Hopefully you have never experienced your self washed laundry developing snags or discolorations because you mixed fine fabrics with buckled, heavy or color bleeding fabrics. These are things we watch out for.

Even more than separating colors, we separate different fabrics and look out for buckles and other hard decorations that might harm other clothes. Clothes get swished around in the washing machine are in close contact with each other, and a snag can occur that pulls the fabric and makes your clothes unpresentable.

Separating by color is also important, so we have categories for fabrics that range from heavy colored to light white. We also look out for fabrics that might bleed color into the laundry cycle.

We also look out for clothes that don’t have a “machine washable” tag on them. If you have any such clothes, bring them to us to delicately wash with […]

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How To Remove Perspiration Stains

How To Remove Perspiration Stains

In our summer heat, our bodies perspire in an attempt to cool down. And it doesn’t take long for some sweat to be transferred to our clothes and if left there, to cause a yellow stain that makes clothes look dirty. If you’re hoping to wear your clothes to a special business event and did not bring replacements with you to wear while we launder your clothes, you might want to treat the stain yourself. Here are some ideas.

The first thing to do is to try to avoid staining your clothes in the first place. Wearing looser fitting tops that don’t cling allows room for us to sweat without getting it all over our clothes.

But stains can occur, and the first thing to do is to treat it promptly, since the stain can actually weaken many fabrics as well as look dirty.

If you’re treating cotton, […]

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Best Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat

Best Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat

If we could spend 100% of our time in our air conditioned homes, buildings and cars, we’d be fine. But that’s not always the situation and it sometimes is important to know a few ways to keep cool in the heat.

Drink enough water – you might want to carry a water bottle with you. And avoid foods that dehydrate your body (such as alcohol and caffeine), or that increase body heat (such as protein). Try to eat light, well-balanced meals several times during the day, because a large meal eaten in the heat can make you feel uncomfortable.

Also, taking a salt pill or adding a half teaspoon of salt to your diet can help prevent heat related light headedness because it temporarily increases your blood pressure enough to make you feel better. It also balances your salt level […]

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